Here is but a sampling of the various reef fish that can be spotted in the waters of the Davao Gulf. Many aren’t represented here yet…but we’ll get to that someday!

Painted Frogfish

Colorful coral gardens

Here are more pictures taken at one of Samal Island’s most popular dive sites, the Coral Gardens.

Graceful anemone shrimp

At Samal Island’s southeast corner, there are several dive sites that feature fields of soft coral, sloping walls of gorgonians and a seascape that appears marvelously vibrant: Mushroom Rock, Punk Rock (a.k.a White Rock) and San Remigio.

Cherry blossom coral

Dayang Beach

Dayang Beach is situated beside Babusanta Beach on Talikud Island. The dive site features almost no coral at all, but the sandy bottom is full of life!

Bristle-tailed filefish

Muck Diving Mecca

Isla Reta Beach Resort is a great place for sun & sand, but also for discovering muck-dwelling critters underwater. Night dives here are very interesting, too!

Painted stingfish

Colorful creatures

Diving Coral Gardens and Angel’s Cove today, we chanced upon quite a number of colorful sea creatures that delight the eye and make diving so much more pleasurable. (Photos by Christian Te.)

Orange wire sea fan

Gardens of the sea

A popular dive and snorkeling site, the Coral Garden boasts of extra-large coral heads and reef upon reef of diving pleasure. It is about 5km long, and offers multiple entry points for divers.


Coral and critters

It’s an explosion of sea life below the shores of Leticia by the Sea in Talikud Island, Samal. Night diving here is always very rewarding.

Coleman shrimp
Dive boat

Back in the water

I know, I know… It’s been more than two years since this blog was last updated. Writer’s block, I guess. I also stopped diving for a bit, but I’m now back in the water! I’ve started writing for an online travel & lifestyle magazine, When In Manila, as their in-house scuba blogger. Not that I’m […]

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Trinchesia sibogae

Nudibranch update

Ever since February of this year, after I’d published my first collection of nudibranchs here, I’ve added a few more new species to my photographic database. Most of the species below are new finds for me (since March), while the others are nudibranchs I didn’t include in the first collection because I didn’t spot them […]

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Scubasurero 2012

The Davao Reef Divers Club conducted simultaneous scubasurero dives last Saturday, 22 September 2012 in the waters off the western coast of Samal Island. This was in line with the international coastal clean-up activities that happen every September all over the world. The Club fielded 32 divers in four areas: Paradise Island Beach Resort, Costa Marina, […]

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No wonder they're called 'bobo'

No wonder they’re called ‘bobo’

Up until early this year, whenever and wherever I’d see one of those portable fish traps underwater, I would rip the their plastic mesh open with my dive knife. Whether there were fish inside or not, I made sure to render them useless. Over several weeks, a dozen or so traps came under my blade. […]

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Feeding cowfish

Feeding cowfish

At the end of my second dive last Saturday, I chanced upon an adult longhorn cowfish (Lactoria cornuta) in about 5m of water at Dayang Beach. Knowing by experience that these are shy fish, I maintained a good distance and perched on the sand to watch and take pictures. Eventually I thought I’d get closer […]

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Dayang darlings

Dayang darlings

My #1 favorite animal behavior video, so far, is this one of a harlequin shrimp tandem. I shot this at Dayang Beach, Talikud Island, in about 12m of water during a day dive. When I started recording, I was not yet aware what was going on, though I did find it curious that one of […]

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This was the first time for me to see this species of nudibranch, so I spent some time observing it. I must admit, I initially found it rather unpleasant to look at — like a monster out of a bad sci-fi movie! This hooded nudibranch (Melibe viridis) has what’s called an ‘oral veil’, which it […]

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Rock-moving wonder

Rock-moving wonder

It’s been months since I last posted here… but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been diving. In fact, I’ve reached my 300th dive already, in less than a year! Since April, I’ve collected thousands of photos and videos already, and I thought I should start sharing them here in a more purposeful manner. So, I […]

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DOT-11 promotes scuba diving -- at last!

DOT-11 promotes scuba diving — at last!

I just wanted to share this video produced by the Department of Tourism – Region 11, which is most ably led its by regional director, Arturo P. Boncato, Jr. I’m very happy that folks at tourism organizations are now starting to promote scuba diving in the Davao Region. Davao City and the Island Garden City […]

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March '12 club dive

March ’12 club dive

The Davao Reef Divers Club had its second club dive of the year last 24 March 2012, this time with 35 divers and a handful of guests. As per tradition, the first dive was a coastal clean-up and the second was a fun dive. We were hosted by the Maharlika Lions Club at the Villa […]

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